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Who is Koos? 

I grew up in a no-nonsense supermarket family. I graduated as a lawyer in Rotterdam and much later as an art historian in Amsterdam. I was a lawyer for a while and then became a publisher and editor-in-chief of various media for a long time. For the past two decades I have been working independently as a concept developer, media maker, journalist, writer, speaker and presenter.


With a broad background, I always try to connect the business, cultural, public and personal.

In Rotterdam I graduated as a private law lawyer at Erasmus University Rotterdam. I started in the legal profession and moved into the world of media and communication and did some training in marketing and communication. With this background I set up magazines, TV programs and websites in the world of real estate media. At the age of thirty-six I went on to study art history at the University of Amsterdam and made more and other media, now with a more business and/or cultural approach. At fourty, I became an art historian, became the director of a cultural institution, and started all kinds of media projects connecting the personal, cultural and business: interviews, magazines, books, lectures, digital media, documentaries and television series.

Koos lives in Amsterdam with Winnie Moltmaker and their daughter Saar and dog Tobi. Call me (06 - 543 747 92) or send an e-mail (

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