Who is Koos? 

Foto: Arjan Bronkhorst

My stories, interviews, books, films, magazines, online activities and lectures are usually at the intersection of culture, business and the public domain. My work is generalistic, connecting, knowledgeable, creative and surprising in perspective, in style and in execution,

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'I want to make beautiful things even if nobody cares'

I grew up in a no-nonsense supermarket family. I studied Law in Rotterdam and much later Art History in Amsterdam. I was a lawyer for a while and then for a long time publisher and editor-in-chief. This broad background gave me my niche where business, culture and the public domain come together.


I'm a storyteller. Sometimes as a journalist, sometimes as an interviewer, as a copywriter, as a speaker, as a film maker, as a book writer or as a maker of digital and traditional media. Usually at the intersection of culture, business and the public domain.

Specific areas of interest vary on the one hand from visual art, history, classical music, architecture, Amsterdam, Rembrandt and Vermeer, and on the other hand leadership, platform economy, the labor market, the housing market, water management, diversity, youth literature, care and privacy. A scope that might suit someone who is a lawyer and art historian by training.


I work independently and on assignment, always within a network of people who know what they are doing.


Koos lives in Amsterdam with Winnie Moltmaker and their daughter Saar and dog Tobi.

Call me (06 - 543 747 92) or send an e-mail (koos@koosdewilt.com).

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