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'Life is what's happens to you when you're busy making other plans...'  - John Lennon in Beautiful Boy


'Art is the whisper of history, which can be heard above the tumult of time.' - Julian Barnes

'To seek one thing is always to find another. [...] People always arrive, but always elsewhere.' Roberto Juarroz


'When you hit a wrong note, it's the next note that makes it good or bad.' Miles Davis

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Who is Koos? 

I'm from a no-nonsense family from Vlaardingen. I later graduated as a private law lawyer at Erasmus University Rotterdam. I started as a lawyer and discovered what I no longer wanted. I switched to the world of media and communications and did some training in the field of marketing and communications. With this I set up a number of magazines, TV programs and websites at publishers, especially in the world of real estate media.


In 2001, in addition to my independent existence, I started studying art history at the University of Amsterdam and made more and different media, often with a business and/or cultural approach. Four years later I graduated as an art historian (my bachelor's thesis was on art taste and my master's thesis on why we all love Vermeer). I became director of a cultural institution and also started working on new projects in which I always tried to make connections between personal, cultural and business. Since then I have been creating and writing books, journalistic productions, magazines, digital media, documentaries and television series, lectures and podcasts.


Because I am trained as both a lawyer and an art historian and have worked in both the business and cultural sectors, I have no choice but to view and describe the world from different perspectives. With admiration for people who can set things in motion. My projects are therefore usually at the intersection of different worlds. I write about art, about art trade, about leadership, about peace and security and about climate and nature. And very often about what moves people, in what they dream and do. So about everything. Sometimes giving a voice, sometimes exploring journalism and sometimes producing the medium that suits it.

I live in the front garden of Amsterdam, in Broek in Waterland with lecturer and writer Winnie Moltmaker and our daughter Saar and dog Tobi. Knowing more? Call (06 - 543 747 92) or send an email

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